Sabrina Creative provides creative administrative services for local organizations, people, groups, and businesses including but not limited to the following services:

Website Maintenance and Design - If you need a custom website built or if you just need someone to maintain your already established website, then I'm your gal!  You can see more information about my design style and also my portfolio HERE.
 Having a presence on the Internet is more important than ever before for businesses.  I specialize in custom made websites that uniquely show the vision and style of each client.   I also design collateral that supplements your on-line presence from business cards to flyers to presentations to postcards, etc.   

I use NO templates.  All sites start with a blank white page!  I then incorporate what I have learned from you, my client.  I go over your preferences in color, style, feel, etc. and work from that as I design your site.

Social Media Setup and Maintenance - Do you wish your business could have a presence on facebook and twitter (and others) but you just don't have the time to keep it updated and fresh?  I am very familiar with facebook and twitter and could do that for you!

Property Management - managing your rental property including necessary administrative paperwork, finding good tenants and taking care of their needs, collecting rent and taking care of a situation if rent falls behind, hiring affordable maintenance people when needed, hiring affordable clean-up services to prepare rental property for new tenants, etc.

Typing Services - I type 95 wpm and could easily whip up a resume or a paper or whatever your typing needs are. I know just about everyone uses computers now but I also know there are still people out there who maybe are limited in their typing speed and would need someone who can type fast and accurately.

Ebay, Etsy, etc. - If you need someone to come and photograph and/or set up on Ebay, Etsy, or similar sites, I can do this, too! Order fulfillment is also available: store your product here and I can take care of shipping and invoicing.

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